September 2020

EJPPS Volume 25 Issue 3


Tim Sandle, Colin Newbould, Andrew Whittard Kay O'Hagan - Editorial

June 2020

EJPPS Volume 25 Issue 2

In this volume:

Peer Review Papers

  • Validation of the Growth Direct System for Microbial Environmental Monitoring and Define Optimal Incubation Conditions

  • Gender Influences Bacterial Contamination of Reusable Cleanroom Operators’ Garments following Wear

Opinion Papers

  • Review of the efficacy of HEPA filtered air to control coronavirus risks in cleanrooms 

  • The effect of a pandemic on the Life Sciences industry

  • Barrier Technologies proposed text from PHSS Annex 1 Focus Group


Courtney Russell, Niloufar Parsaei, David L Jones, Laurie M. Smith, Noëlle H. O’ Driscoll, Andrew J. Lamb, Tim Sandle, Cliodhna McDonough, Emily Lockey, James Drinkwater, Di Morris, Pam Turner - Guest Editorial

April 2020

EJPPS Volume 25 Issue 1

In this volume: 

Peer Review Papers

  • Investigation of the Transfer of Septum Microbial Contamination by Hypodermic Needles

  • Assessing Gram-stain error rates within the pharmaceutical microbiology laboratory

Opinion Papers


Tim Eaton, L Ramscar, J Cox, W Whyte

Tim Sandle

Cliodhna Mc Donough

Kay O'Hagan

January 2020

EJPPS Volume 24 Issue 4


Tim Eaton

Cliodhna McDonough

Milenko Pavičić and Thierry Wagner

September | 2019

EJPPS Volume 24 Issue 3

In this volume: 


Matts Ramstorp, 

Tim Sandle, Monica Di Mattia, Clare Leavy,

Colin Newbould

Miriam guest.

July 2019

EJPPS Volume 24 Issue 2

In this volume: 

Peer Reviewed Paper : Contamination risks evaluated with the LR-Method in unidirectional airflow at different air velocities


Bengt Ljungqvist, Johan Nordenadler and Berit Reinmüller