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This Centre is responsible for assigning ISSN to serials published in the United Kingdom.  It is ISSN policy that serials published in different formats have separate ISSN assigned. In the course of our work, we have assigned ISSN to the following publication(s):


European journal of parenteral & pharmaceutical sciences (Online):


ISSN 2633-6588


We would be grateful if you could give consideration to


  • Printing the ISSN in all issues of the serial, preferably on the top right-hand corner of the cover in the form given above, i.e. preceded by the letters ISSN with a hyphen separating the two halves of the number.

  • Quoting the number(s) in all promotional and descriptive material concerning the serial(s).


I should appreciate it if we might be notified in advance of any change of title, however slight, since this may necessitate the assigning of a new ISSN. We are able to assign numbers in advance of publication, so that a new ISSN can appear on the first issue of a new title. The full details of the application procedure can be found at or by contacting us at the address above.

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