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Call for Papers & Advertising

Dear Colleagues

We live in a world of change and the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is rapidly changing. Regulations, technology, diseases, and user expectations mean that what was obviously correct years ago is not quite so concrete now.

This is your opportunity to drive that change. We need articles and scientific papers that test, disseminate, validate and publicise these changes. The areas that the EJPPS specialises in are the parenteral and pharmaceutical sciences. It is about where and how we make pharmaceutical products and medical devices, how and where we test them, how and where we use them and the regulatory environment we work within. It is also about the hospital sector. Increasingly, this is where we make and test products but, more importantly, it is where we use the products we make.

(NOTE: We do not publish papers covering areas such as epidemiology, pharmacokinetics, chemotherapy, oncology and other areas of medical science).  

1. Peer Reviewed Scientific Papers (showing evidence of original research)

2. Opinion Articles

3. Technology Features and Review Articles

The areas of interest are original papers and reviews on subjects that cover all aspects of the parenteral and pharmaceutical companies, both scientific and practical, including but not limited to the following:

Sterilisation techniques; Isolator technology; Barrier Technology; Validation; Aseptic processing; Microbial detection methods; GxP; GLP; Sterile Products; ATMP; Gene Therapy; Vaccine; Contamination Control; Regulation; Packaging; Lyophilisation; Cleanroom design; Biotechnology; Risk Assessment; QP; Preservatives; LAL testing; Process filtration. Hospital Sector considerations on the above is also an important area.

There are a number of aspects to the journal, including peer-reviewed scientific papers. Scientific papers should focus on scientific experimentation and reference other scientific literature to create and test a hypothesis. These are peer-reviewed by subject matter experts from the International Review Board.

The other section is Science and Technology Features. This includes reviews of regulatory updates, book reviews, conference reviews, technology reviews, industry reviews, best practice reviews and updates on the PHSS Special Interest Groups. These are reviewed for publication but do not always require subject matter expert reviews.

We call for papers and articles that you would like to see included in your journal. This is your opportunity to drive the changes in the world we work in.

Thank you for your continued support

Graham Steele

Editor-in-Chief, EJPPS



What’s exciting about joining as an author or advertiser now is that this is a new platform for us, we are now public access due to the new Plan S directive from the EU with regards to Scientific papers and materials relating to research being public access.

As a new advertiser, you will benefit from responsive ads, this will enable you to provide richer content and a clear call to action?


We will direct your advertisers directly to you!

Should you wish to explore the advertising within the journal please contact Tamsin Marshall Email:

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