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EDITORIAL - About the Journal and the recent changes made

The European Journal of Parenteral and Pharmaceutical Sciences (EJPPS) is the quarterly, editorially independent, scientific publication of the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Sciences Society (PHSS). The Journal provides a forum for peer reviewed papers, opinion reviews on all aspects of pharmaceutical and healthcare sciences. It provides regulatory updates, book reviews, editorials and activities of the PHSS.

In the beginning of 2020, the PHSS took over the publishing of the EJPPS. The reasons for this was described in our last paper edition (2019 Volume 24 Number 2).

In the previous format the readers received a PDF of the complete journal. In the new format the readers receive a link to the on-line version. The changes mean that, although the readers can download each peer reviewed paper as a PDF, the whole journal cannot be downloaded as a PDF. Not to be able to publish the whole edition as a PDF is typical of on-line publications e.g. as seen in The Journal of Hospital Infection. It is also part of the worldwide trend of reducing paper publications.

The peer viewed papers now have a unique DOI number (Digital Object Identifier) so that they can be cited in other publications. The EJPPS is still given to the British Library for archiving (ISSN 2633-6588) and we are working with the British Library to optimise the way these are stored and archived.

The format of the EJPPS is changing and we are working to optimise this. Changes you will see in this edition are that peer reviewed papers have the DOI number as above, they can be PDF’d into a format typically seen in a peer reviewed paper. We are thankful for the contributions of a number of key authors for giving us guidance on this. We appreciate your feedback on the content and format of the EJPPS. The journal, although freely available on line, is intended for the members and potential new members of the PHSS.

Please continue to give us feedback on the content and format of the journal. Please also continue to give us peer reviewed papers and opinion reviews. We are always on the outlook for new authors, new subject areas and new ideas.

Tamsin Marshall, PHSS Operations Manager


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